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George Weasley
((ooc background info)) 
28th-Oct-2007 02:23 pm
Name: George Weasley
Gender: male
Date of birth*: 01/04/1978
Year: 7th
House: Gryffindor
Blood status: pure (blood traitor)
Physical characteristics: George looks like Fred. Or should that be Fred looks like George? Tall, lanky, ginger. Not particularly good-looking but hardly hideous either. It's not likely many people really notice either way in any case, as their appearance has only a  minimal effect on first (and further) impressions of them, even including their distinctive Weasley locks. He doesn't particularly bother attempting to be stylish in his dress. Given his family's lack of money, that's just as well really.

Background information:
The Weasley family, with the possible exception of the Blacks, is the most well documented in canon. In direct contrast to the Blacks with their motto 'tojours pur' the Weasleys are 'the biggest family of blood traitors around.' Despite Mr Weasley's position in the ministry, they are poor (a poverty that could have been at least partly avoided by having less children!), and must scrimp, save, and 'manage' to get by. However in other respects they seem to be (at least in JKR's mind) something of an 'ideal' family. What they lack in money they make up for in love and, of course, Gryffindor bravery. It is in this environment that the twins grow up, and both of these traits shine through in spite of any negative qualities. With over-achieving elder brothers, the twins have carved out their own niche in the family (to their mother's frustration). Their mischieviousness and creativity is not unprecedented, however - take for example, Arthur's 'tinkering' with muggle objects, such as the flying car. The twins' main talents (at least those they exhibit) are for trouble, invention, and making people laugh, and their hobbies would be Quidditch, practical jokes, designing products and annoying Umbridge. Clearly a sharp (ingenius) mind, George doesn't really put much effort into studying and hence gained only three OWLs.
Fred and George have already achieved some notoriety in Hogwarts for their exploits, and by the end of this year will be well and truly infamous. Their best friend is Lee Jordan. George is also fairly close to the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the Ginny monster, and Verity Jenkins (although not enough to invite her to the DA, apparently).
George vs. Fred - although these terms are perhaps relative (no pun intended) when it comes to the twins, George is the softer, the kinder, the quieter. He is generally the one reflecting on what they are doing, restraining impetuosity and the worst of their blinkered cruelty. Both twins, however, can be casually unkind, prejudiced, stubborn and thoughtless, although they are also steadfastly loyal, principled, brave, witty, intelligent, creative and well-intentioned.

Ideas for the character's involvement/contribution to the game:

George is, perhaps surprisingly, a fighter. Surprisingly because it is often not expected of jokers to take anything so seriously as to fight for it, risking life and limb (or in George's case, ear). In this year, George is not only an active member of the DA, but he and Fred are at the forefront of the unofficial operation: piss of Umbridge. Outside of this noble goal, they are also working hard perfecting skiving snackboxes and doing 'market research'. Although soon to be banned for life from Hogwarts Quidditch, it would be optimistic to expect they will use their freed-up time to focus on their studies...

For more information on the twins, see Fred's bio here,
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